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The Grateful Dude's Healing Balm is a CBD/THC infused healing cream. It is made of coconut oil infused with cannabis, shea butter, beeswax, and a blend of essential oils including; arnica, peppermint, eucalytpus, tea tree, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon, and clove. All certified organic. More information coming soon. For purchasing, email Shane at

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We have 70 reviews on Facebook and a 5/5 rating!

Definitely a solid product. I've bee using it daily since I discovered it about 6 months or so now and my skin is loving it. I use it after surfing shorebreak getting scraped up and kind of sunburnt and it instantly takes effect relieving the dry burnt feeling. I also use it to massage into sore muscles and bruises and it often times makes me forget they we're even hurting after a few minutes. I even got my mom hooked on it because it's the only thing that has worked for her arthritis. Couldn't recommend this stuff more!

Adam S. via Facebook

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with this balm! It helps his headaches and he claims he sleeps better when be applies it before bed. For me, it helps my breath because I have horrible allergies and it also relieves pain from my lower back and abdomen area when I'm on my moon. Life would would be tough without it for sure! I swear it has magical healing powers. There is certainly a lot of love and intention put into this product.

Diana A. via Facebook

Love this stuff so much! One of my favorite salves I have found this far. Great for muscle pain, but super versatile in how I can apply anywhere - lips, face and skin generally. Love me some multi purpose heady healthy skin care!

Gabrielle R. via Facebook

I suffer from nerve damage from a stabbing as well as a bum knee with no miniscus. When a spasm starts, when my knees buckling on me, or when my flat feet are throbbing outta my shoes...I slap some of this on and the pain just disappears. Also does wonders for my headaches after a late night of raging! Ive tried many of products and this is truly the only thing that's helped this well, that fast!

I recommend everyone has some!!

Andrew M. via Facebook

The Grateful Dudes Healing Balm is amazing, I go through one about every 1-2 months and it does wonders for healing wounds, healing scars, helping speed the process of poison oak, arthritis, bruising, the list goes on. I've never had something work like this does, highly recommended!!!

Brandon L. via Facebook

I love this balm I live with chronic pain every day due to fibromyalgia, Sjögren's syndrome and degenerate disc disease, I try not to take medication and try to get pain relief the natural way and this balm helps me get through the day.So thank you for making this balm

Ruthie S. via Facebook

Delivery only within the Sacramento area. Call 916.546.2838 for details.

Delivery only within the Monterey area. Call 831.741.4624 for details.

Delivery only within the San Francisco area. Call 415.322.9734 for details.

If you would like to see this at a dispensary in your area, or are an interested vendor, please send an e-mail with the information on the dispensary and I will get back to you with vendor pricing.

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